Payment Policy

To facilitate your shopping at Dreamer, we support you with the following ordering and payment methods:

1.Cash payment

– After you place an order at Dreamer, based on the information you provide, Dreamer will process the order, check the information and deliver the goods to you.

– You are responsible for paying in full the entire value of the order to our forwarder or sales and customer care staff right after completing the goods inspection and receiving the payment invoice. You pay the correct amount on the bill recorded, if you have any questions, please call us back for more specific information.

2.Bank transfer

– If you pay via bank, please transfer money to our account opened at the bank below:


Account owner’s name: Dreamer Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Account number: 0371000686899

– Please use your Order ID in the Payment Contents section.

– You will receive a successful transaction notification via Email and SMS right after your transfer payment is completed.

– As soon as “Yes” is received from the Bank, Dreamer will confirm with you and deliver the goods to you within the specified time.

– Dreamer will not be responsible for errors in the transfer process or transfer of wrong information, you must work with the bank to be processed properly, only when the money is transferred to Dreamer’s account, Dreamer will confirm with you. In some situations you can ask the bank you make the transaction or our bank to use to check the necessary evidence.

3.Payment via VNPAY

– Online payment via international credit card, Visa card, Debit card…: it is strictly forbidden to steal accounts, card numbers, information, use fake cards… to make purchases on our Website. I. If we have any doubts or receive an external complaint about your cardholder or account information, we reserve the right to cross-check with your bank and payment service provider to prosecute. customers before the law when detecting violations.

– In case of payment by domestic card such as ATM/Bank account: to ensure safety, you should note to keep your phone, payment information is not disclosed to third parties. If there are any errors that lead to losses and complaints of cardholders, we will check with banks and service providers for appropriate handling. Please note that when paying with a domestic card, you must register a phone number with the card issuer to receive a message to verify the one (01) time password (OTP onetime password).

– Risk may occur when the system fails and loses money in your account, we will cross-check with the payment service provider and bank to clarify the problem. In all cases of risk, we, you, the payment service provider and the bank will work together on the basis of conciliation without affecting the interests of the parties. If the settlement is still not settled, the parties will bring it to the competent Economic Court for settlement. The cost of litigation and counter-handling will be divided into three (3) equal parts by the three parties – us, the payment service provider and you – each responsible for paying this cost.