Website Terms of Sale

  • This warranty applies to products manufactured under the Dreamer brand in Vietnam market.
  • The product is still within the warranty period and has a registered warranty.
  • The machine’s serial number and model on the product must match the machine’s serial number and model on the warranty card (if any). The serial number on the product must be intact, not scratched, patched, or overlaid with any other object.
  • Warranty card (if any) must be intact, must clearly show the customer’s name and date of purchase, unassembled, not erased.
  • In case the customer presents a financial invoice or has registered to activate the electronic warranty: The product will be warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase and not more than 21 months from the date of manufacture and 1 to 1 exchange. within 7 days.
  • Product is damaged due to manufacturer’s technical error.
  • During the warranty period, when the product has a problem or problem. Please contact the nearest service station for advice and support.

NOTE: In case the product needs to be shipped to the service station for repair, the warranty station’s technical will be the decision maker and in this case the customer should pay the cost of transporting the product from home to the warranty station and vice versa.

  • Product warranty has expired.
  • There is no warranty card or invoice related to the product.
  • The machine’s serial number and model on the product do not match the machine’s serial number and model on the warranty card.
  • Products damaged due to natural disasters, floods, lightning strikes, fire or transportation cracked, dented, broken, scratched.
  • The product is damaged due to improper use according to the instructions, due to improper installation, due to incorrect power supply, unstable voltage or frequency.
  • Products are rusted, stained due to corrosion or poured in by corrosive chemicals.
  • Products show signs of being disassembled, repaired or replaced at places other than authorized warranty stations and Dreamer Vietnam warranty stations.
  • Instances of product hygiene and maintenance requirements are not covered by the warranty items.

For any questions related to warranty/repair services, please contact:

Dreamer Vietnam Customer Care Center.

Hotline : 096 129 8399 – Email: cskh