Counter Top Water Purifier DHA-WPA160W


Using clean water has become one of the essential needs of each person and each family. In the condition that water sources are easily polluted in urban areas, it is extremely necessary to have a well-filtered water source before putting it into use. Alkaline ion water purifier will be a simple and convenient solution for your family to always have clean water to use.

  • Safe to drink directly.
  • The filter meets the Japanese Cleansui standard, adds alkaline ions, good for the digestive system, reduces chlorine residue in the water.
  • It attaches directly to the tap and is easy to use.
  • Design 1 screw valve at the connector, allowing to take filtered or raw water as you like.
  • The LCD screen on the body shows the filter power and the remaining filter limit.
  • Compact design, save space.
  • Qualified: CE, RoHS.
  • Warranty: 12 months